ConnMan(8) is a daemon that manages network connections, is designed to be slim and to use as few resources as possible. The connman package contains the basic utilities to run ConnMan(8).

Starting ConnMan

To enable the ConnMan(8) daemon, first disable any other network managing services like dhcpcd, wpa_supplicant, or wicd. These services all control network interface configuration, and interfere with each other.

Finally, enable the ConnMan(8) service:

# ln -s /etc/sv/connmand /var/service/

Configuring ConnMan

The connman package includes a command line tool, connmanctl(1) to control network settings. If you do not provide any commands connmanctl(1) starts as an interactive shell.

There are many other front-ends to ConnMan(8), including connman-ui for system trays, connman-gtk for GTK, cmst for QT and connman-ncurses for ncurses based UI.

Preventing DNS overides by ConnMan

Create /etc/sv/connmand/conf with the following content: